Book Nook – Pack’n’Play Repurpose – Favorite DIYs of 2013

book nook collage

Let me start by saying that if you have the space for this project… do it!  Every child who has ever come over has loved the book nook.  And it’s so easy!  With that said…

I got this idea, as always, from the brilliance that is Pinterest.  I mean, how cute is this pin?  The trouble was I did not have a spare Pac’n’Play.  We need ours for sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s and traveling.  Here in San Francisco we are lucky to have an awesome used Children’s clothing, toy and gear store, with two locations, called Chloe’s Closet, so I called and called until on day they had a Pack’N’Play for a hot deal!

Here are the instructions for making the Book Nook…

  1. cut out one mesh wall of the Pack’n’Play.


That’s it!  Seriously!

Our Pack’N’Play fortunately had an arching cross bar acting as a kind of mobile which I used to hold up a fitted crib sheet to give it a cozy top.  We also wound up hanging a couple old swaddlers that she would sometimes pull down to close herself in.  I had big dreams of one day sewing curtains and attaching a rod for them and making a coordinating tent top, but it never made it to the top of the To Do list.  Some days my daughter would actually nap in her book nook instead of in her crib.  A couple times we moved the book nook in our bedroom where she would sleep while we had guests for a night or two.  But overall she would sit inside and we’d read books.  Or she’d fill it as chock full of stuffies as she could and then try climbing in on top of them.  However your kid use their imagination to transform this awesome cubby, they are sure to feel special.

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