Chalkboard Paint – Little Work, Lotta Wow

chalkboard collage


Chalkboard paint is officially one of my favorite DIYs.  It is super easy to use and has major wow factor.  And the possibilities are truly endless.

My first go-round with chalkboard paint was for my daughter’s 2nd birthday last May.  We’re fortunate enough to have a long, grassy backyard so are able to host parties at home.  I was pulling together an array of toddler activities (play dough station, a collection of ride-on toys, bubble station, ball pit, kid-friendly trampoline) and decided to make a chalkboard table to go along with the theme.  I picked up an old IKEA coffee table off of craigslist for $10.  The top was beat up a bit, so I sanded it down and, well, painted it with chalkboard paint.  Yeah, that’s it, I wish I could make it sound more dramatic.

The guests really had fun filling up the space with all kinds of fun artwork, and I use the word “guests” because it was not just the kids who partook.  We didn’t have enough room in the house for the table so it lived in the garage until my little sister went back to college in the Fall and took it to furnish her new apartment.  It now resides in her living room, and a college apartment living room is a close rival to 2-year-old birthday party for ‘most appropriate place to find a chalkboard coffee table.’

Chalkboard paint project number two resides in our living room.  Since our apartment is quite possibly less square feet than our backyard my husband and I were looking for smart storage solutions for our daughter’s toys in our common space.  We found a cabinet from CB2 that was narrow enough for a very small wall as you enter our living room, but still fit some baskets that we use to collect all those small toys you manage to collect (musical instruments, an array of balls, play dough tools, figurines, you know the type).

It was that standard oak color, which does not go with our living room, so we were planning on painting it anyhow when we decided to be a bit bold and use the extra chalkboard paint.  We wound up only applying it to the doors and having a pop of a burnt orange color that coordinates with our area rug and a plaid upholstered vintage rocking chair we rock in our decor (see what I did there).  I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.  The cabinet is this perfect blend of our style and kid-friendly flair.  Even when it’s scribbled all over, the cabinet looks like it belongs in our eclectic house – not because our house looks like a hot mess (I hope), but because the cabinet looks that sharp.

Now, I can’t attest to this, but Martha Stewart claims you can make your own chalkboard paint, allowing you to use any color paint you like, in theory matching any room in your home.  I’m pretty sure in this modern age you can actually get chalkboard paint mixed at Loewe’s in any color.  I don’t know how they work, look, hold-up, play nicely with chalk, but I wouldn’t hesitate to give them a try. I used Rust-Oleum’s chalkboard paint in the can, though I think they even have a spray version now.

Now go, bold crafter, and make something cooler with a quick coat of chalkboard paint!

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