Rainbow Pasta! – Favorite DIYs of 2013

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2013 marked the end of my daughter’s first year in school.  In the Fall of 2012 she started pre-preschool two days a week at an awesome co-op.  As part of the co-op, a different family brings snack each day.  I wound up with snack duty on the last day of the school year and really wanted to do something fun for the kids.  I came across a post for rainbow pasta I’d pinned ages before and wound up looking up a bunch of techniques to figure out the best (read: easiest) approach to it.  This is the method I landed on, and it was crazy easy!  How cool do these noodles look?!  I wound up making mac’n’cheese with it so the colors were a little muted under the white cheese sauce, but the kids got a kick out of eating colorful noodles, and my daughter and I had fun shake-shake-shaking the noodles up inside the zip lock bags to color them.  I made it again for a school party in August but went the pasta salad direction instead.  I have to say, even as a grown woman, it is more fun to eat rainbow pasta salad than that of the plain old boring taupe variety.

How To:

  • Cook your pasta, whatever type you like, as package indicates.

  • While pasta is cooking prepare coloring bags…

    • In a one gallon zip lock bag combine 2 Tablespoons of water with 20 droplets of food coloring.  You can make a ziplock for as many colors as you like.  I wanted to use some colors that weren’t in the box, like purple.  The food coloring box should tell you the right ratios of colors provided to make new colors, use the ratios that add up to about 20 droplets.  On my box it’s the ratios labeled for coloring eggs.  The purple ratios were 5 drops blue and 15 drops red.

  • When the pasta is done cooking rinse in a collander to cool and to rinse off any pasta slime that will prevent the color from abosrbing in to the pasta.

  • Evenly distribute among prepared color bags.  Shake bags (and maybe booties too) until all the pasta looks fully coated with color.

  • Rinse each color again to get excess dye off and avoid muddling when you combine them all together.

  • Mix up your rainbow in a bowl and dress however you like!

This method I found on Pinterest from Tablespoon via FoodGawker.

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