Sparkling Handprint Ornament – Favorite DIYs of 2013

handprint collage
This project ticked several boxes I was going for that day… fun new project to do with my daughter, holiday themed to do while listening to Christmas music, and homemade gifts for the Grandparents in the end.  Done, done, and done.
I was most drawn to the cinnamon salt dough recipes I found, as the idea of the ornament smelling like delicious holiday happiness was very appealing… but using like 2 cups of cinnamon is kind of ridiculous and would add up in my pocket book quickly, so I went with a regular ol’ salt dough recipe… then why is my dough brown?  Because on a whim I threw in some cinnamon in hopes that it would at least smell delightful while baking (but it was a flop).
The key to this adorable project coming together is most definitely the glittery edge around the handprint.  As you can see in the pic, when they’re just dough it’s actually kind of hard to see the print, and the sparkles makes them so festive.  It was also another step that I got to do with my kid, despite it resulting in dust busting for days to come.
The original tutorial over at The Remodeled Life, which I naturally found over at Pinterest, is beautiful so I’ll let you head on over there for the recipe and instructions.
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