“the days are long, but the years are short”

Recently I bumped in to an old friend from high school and her sister on one of those odd weekday afternoon Costco runs. It was actually the perfect place to run in to an old friend, there’s plenty of space to stand around and chat without being in the way, even with your american sized shopping cart, and you’re also rarely ever in a hurry when you’re on a Costco run. Anyhow, they told me that their mother once said, in regards to raising children, that “the days are long, but the years are short.” I don’t think I could have heard a quote that resonated more deeply with how I was feeling as we got ready to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday. How has it been a year? I still look at her, playing on the floor of her room, and think to myself “there is a person there, a little human being, where there was no one, nothing, before.” How has it been a year?

A year from the day she turned us from a couple to a family.

364 days since she didn’t fit in her coming home clothes and was carried through our front door for the very first time (ok ok, 365 days, it’s a leap year, but it doesn’t sound as romantic).

A whole year of firsts that make your heart sink… flutter… palpatate… skip a beat… firsts that make you weep, and make all previous uses of the word “weep” seem fraudulant.

the first bath… the first trip to the zoo… the first meal…

the first swing at the park…

the first Christmas…

the first vacation, a new experience for the whole family…

* sleeping baby at deplaning in no way representative of behavior during flight.

All these firsts culminating in her first birthday, her first party, her first cupcake.

From x days old, to y weeks old, to z months old, here we are at one whole year. In the Fall Penelope and I were at an aquarium when a little girl asked me how old she was. I told her “she’s 8 months old,” to which the little girl replied “oh, she’s not an age yet.” Well my little pickle-o-penny, you’re an age now… you’re one. And you make that little number do an awful lot of work, representing your entire life, and the biggest year of mine.

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