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As I think of the name I’ve given this site with almost the attention I gave to picking baby names, I can’t help but question whether it will be something that actually represents the life of the modern mama. Not every modern mama likes to craft, or cook; not every modern mama works, or stays home, or, like me, works part-time, and with great fortune gets to do it from home. How can I claim to capture the life of the modern mama in my experience? How audacious of me to claim the title for myself. But then, isn’t that the beauty of the modern mama life? There is no box for us, there is no requirement other than motherhood, there is no standard of expectations. We still, like our mothers before us, tower with strength despite the pressures that ride on our shoulders, but those pressures are unique to our own life experience. And yet, we come together, with compassion and empathy, with our own unique struggles and stresses, and our own unique interests and talents. We come together, because there is one thing we share that bonds us over all of the other things that should keep us separated… our love for our kids.

As I write this my 8 1/2 month old daughter naps down the hall. I think back to before she was created, and try to remember what this moment would have been like for me then, and the memory is getting harder to resurect. It certainly wouldn’t have been as valuable as it feels to me now. The precious period of calm whereby I can turn to doing adult things… or napping, if we’re being honest here. Today it is finally writing a post for this blog I created a couple weeks ago. I think the header image was another nap time success. And in thinking about all of this I realize just how massive the impact she has had on my life is. She has made every minute of my day have value. From taking her to the park and watching her with pride as she tries to figure out how to climb on to the play structure, to being so aware of my own goals, and my own needs, that I can turn to them at a moments notice when those little hazely-blues of perfection flutter shut.

Over the past few months I’ve done several projects from family meals I found on foodgawker to decorating ideas I found on pinterest to sewing projects I saw in the fabric store window around the corner. As I try them, and critique them, and put my own spin on them, I want to write about it, and share it with the other modern mamas and modern mavens out there. So here we are, and here we go. Bare with me as I develop my photographing skills and get in my writing groove. I hope you find something here you’re looking for, whether that be some inspiration, some humor, or just something short to read because there’s no time anymore to get through that entire novel you’ve been wanting to read (for me it’s Water for Elephants).

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